Sunday, December 16, 2012

Soft Salted Caramels

Kraft.  I always thought, who in their right mind would go to the trouble of making their own caramels? They're readily available on the shelf and who would know the difference? I thought it ranked right up there with 'make your own graham crackers' or 'make your own vanilla wafers'.   
BAKED'S creation, Soft Candy Caramels, are proof that it's worth going the extra mile.

Soft, candy-like - but all grown up. A sprinkling of fleur de sel on top gives them that salty-sweet flavor that was - and is - still popular.

Of course anything that features boiled sugar, corn syrup and condensed milk can't be bad. Speaking of bad, I failed with the first attempt, but am glad I tried, tried again. This batch turned out considerably better. They are headed to the office tomorrow. I hope they are a nice variation to the already-stuffed counters of holiday bakery goods.

I'll just tell them I removed the plastic Kraft wrappers and used my own.

To get the recipe, venture on over to BAKED SUNDAY MORNINGS.

 –  h a p p y   h o l i d a y s !     mike


Have Apron....Will Bake said...

Too funny. It is kind of strange to make something like caramels or graham crackers when they are already done and are good. But I'm so glad we did make these caramels. They are fantastic.
Your caramels look wonderful with the extra fleur de sel on them. Just beautiful.

Sheri said...

So pretty. And yours are a perfect caramel color - not too light, not too dark.

Di said...

Ooh, I definitely need to try these. Of course, I'm crazy and think that I'd rather make my own caramels than have to sit there and unwrap a whole bunch. Lol. =)

Trevor Sis Boom said...

These look fantastic, I love the nice dark color. I hope your office mates appreciate the extra effort. If not, they keep forever and you should just round them back up and keep them for yourself. Some people just don't know whats good.

Kris' Kitchen said...

Good for you to do these over! They look perfect, and yup, I never go for store-bought.
I LOVE salty caramel...right up there with dark chocolate on my favorites list. Enjoyed your post.

Yael Even said...

Great work! I love the way you cut them so neatly and evenly- that just didn't happen with mine, but still delish!

Anonymous said...

Your caramels look amazing, definitely looks like it was worth it to make them over buying them at the store. I will have to try this recipe in the future.

baked on said...

Great photographs! I will definitely be trying these again since my attempt yesterday morning went awry. ;)

Susan said...

Just perfect, Mike! I'm glad you had beeter luck the 2nd time around because I want to try these again, too - mine were just too soft, but so delicious! I love the addition of sea salt - very nicely done.