Sunday, February 26, 2012

Boy-O-Boy Caramel Corn

THE CARAMEL CORN SHOPPE.   As a kid there was nothing like a trip to NorthTown Center - our first urban shopping center, built in the 1950's. Most notable - a trip to The Caramel Corn Shoppe, serving hot, fresh popcorn, licorice and the grand daddy of them all - Caramel Corn. 

Years later, and many hot air corn poppers as well, I've never once made this from scratch. Too complicated I thought. Boy-O-Boy was I mistaken. A simple caramel sauce is made from butter, brown sugar and corn syrup. Poured over fresh popped popcorn and sprinkled with salted peanuts, this childhood treat is then oven and cooled. Leave it to BAKED to elevate this simple treat - with a drizzling of melted chocolate (milk and semi-sweet). As if it weren't a favorite already.

Grab the recipe and view all the other BAKED CARAMEL POPCORN  over at BAKED SUNDAY MORNINGS. 

 – mike

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

White Bread. Cinnamon, Too.

T U E S D A Y S   W I T H   D O R I E
Special thanks to this week's hostesses: 
Laurie of slush & Jules of Someone's in the Kitchen

Tea & Toast. Toast & Tea. Quiet early mornings in a breakfast nook, before the day begins. And speaking of beginnings, today's Tuesday with Dorie post highlights a new Dorie Greenspan baking adventure:  Baking with Julia. I along with hundreds of Doristas are baking our way through this culinary-challenging book, with courage, conviction and gusto. Just like Julia would.

The inaugural Baking with Julia recipe, "white bread" is from Craig Kominak, contributing baker. Made with the simplest of ingredients (bread flour, water, yeast, butter & salt), this bread was quite simple to prepare (although, don't ask my Kitchen Aid, it's still in recovery). I halved this recipe and made two small loaves. One loaf for the traditionalist and one for the renegade (who loves cinnamon sugar swirls). Both were highly-rated at my breakfast nook.

I like Cinnamon Toast. And Toast in general. Lots of it. 
Thank you Laurie and Julie for keeping Tuesdays with Dorie going strong. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. For the recipe to make this delightful bread, visit Julie's blog, Someone's in the Kitchen.

– mike