Monday, May 30, 2011

Caramel Coffee Pots de Ice Cream

T U E S D A Y S   W I T H   D O R I E
Special thanks to this week's host: Peggy of Peggy the Baker

MAC.  A month ago I noticed Mac was having vision problems. Lines, quirky things across his face - and all that blinking. He never gets sick. Now he's completely blind - and mute to boot. Speaking of booting up - which he can't seem to do at all now. Not that I'm insensitive, but all I want is my precious iPhoto library, and my TWD photos. Thanks to my dad's old iMac, I found a path back to cyber-bake-space. But enough about me.

This is all about Peggy and her wonderful pick of the week - Caramel Pots de Creme. Like Peggy, I proceeded to lay out the custard cups, line the roasting pan with paper towels, put the kettle on . . . and thought . . .  to who and where am I going to unload eight cups of pots de creme? 

I stood there, staring at the recipe, and that ubiquitous light bulb appeared overhead (or maybe it was in the oven). If I ditch the two whole eggs, add one more egg yolk to the recipe's five, I'd have a custard - an ice cream custard. And, if I partake of Dorie's "bonne idee" using coffee beans, I'd have two of my favorite things - in one. 

OVERLOOKED EXCELLENCE?  In homage to Mr. Ice Cream - David Lebovitz - Dorie, or David (or someone) should put this recipe in their next book - pronto. It's one of the best ice creams that has crossed my lips. A slightly burnt caramel paired with a smokey, espresso-infused custard.  

I'm going to have to make a copy of this recipe so I don't lose it. Much like the backup of Mac's life that I never bothered to make. Stupid Mac.

– mike