Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cake Cookies

T U E S D A Y S   W I T H   D O R I E
Special thanks to this week's host: Peggy of Peggy the Baker

When the World's Fair and Richard Nixon came to my hometown during the summer of 1974, I dragged my parents to see the New Home Frontiers woman cook an egg in a frying pan with absolutely no oil or butter - and egg over easy, no less. We had season passes to the fair, which meant almost daily visits to watch this 10-minute demonstration. I was enthralled with this magical pan called "Silverstone".

These days I'm fascinated with other such non-stick accessories, such as foil and silicone. Now correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the whole idea behind non-stick was just that - non-stick. I'm not sure what the magical ingredient was, but these cookies stuck like glue. Stuck to the non-stick mat. I took the trusty can-o-pam and sprayed my non-stick silicone mat for the second round. You can tell by the picture below how well that worked.

What was left of this cookie was nothing short of excellent. A true 'cake' cooky - light and fluffy with a slight sour cream tang, and made even more chocolaty with the addition of mini-chocolate chips and a dash of espresso powder.

I'm now enthralled with this cooky. The non-stick mat - not so much.

– mike